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Antique CDV Photo Identified as Selma C Nasman Adorable Little Girl with Blonde Hair


Item collection f4716855 4b21 4b2d 89d2 aa00ada58f44

Antique CDV Photo Identified as Anders Ersson of Bollnas, Sweden 1857, C.H. Berg Photographer


Item collection 2156667 original

Antique Photo Man Holding Reading Newspaper Parlor Chair Lamp 1900s


Item collection 2962865 original

Antique Photo Young Couple in Horse Drawn Buggy Fairbury Nebraska Smith Limekiln


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Antique Cabinet Photo Victorian Girls with Feather Hat Sutton Nebraska Soderberg Photographer


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1880s Bride and Groom Antique Wedding Cabinet Photo Carlson Forslund


Item collection 2157107 original

Victorian Lady Cabinet Antique Photo Hayden Lincoln Nebraska Ornate Chair


Item collection 2379423 original

Antique Real Photo Postcard Boy on Rocking Horse Baby in Wicker Chair


Item collection 23c6b893 44e7 4ea4 bedb 193e87bf8ec8

Antique Real Photo Postcard MANITOU PARK COLORADO Railway Ride RPPC


Item collection 2516553 original

Vintage RPPC Old Couple Homesteaders 1910s Real Photo Postcard


Item collection 2655371 original

Vintage 1910s RPPC Little Girls with Bouquets Real Photo Postcard


Item collection 2157563 original

Vintage Black White 1916 Photographs Boy with Kittens 2 Boys


Item collection 2656860 original

Vintage 1910s RPPC Rock Island Train 913 Railroad Crew Real Photo Postcard


Item collection 2157505 original

Vintage Tillamook Oregon Cabinet Photo Allens Grocery Store Front


Item collection 2157694 original

Vintage Photo Photograph IDD Reverend Holmgren Kansas Black and White Genealogy


Item collection 2408766 original

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 1944 Vintage Group Photo Authur S Metzger Class


Item collection 2157162 original

1930s Vintage Photo Pine Crest Colorado Ranch Klusmire German Shepherd


Item collection 2157246 original

Vintage 1930s Photo Photograph Beach at San Francisco California


Item collection 2157167 original

Antique Cabinet Photo Baby Christening Gown Victorian Wymore Nebraska


Item collection 2157305 original

Vintage 1930s Photo Photograph Japanese Ship in San Diego Harbor


Item collection 2157084 original

Ratun Pass Colorado Vintage 1930s Photo Photograph Antique Car


Item collection 2157014 original

Antique Victorian Photo Couple Possibly Wedding Black Bows Dress Cabinet Card


Item collection 2156757 original

Antique Photo Man Identified Clay Center Kansas Peterson Pocket Watch Chain


Item collection 2157227 original

Antique Cabinet Photo Victorian Children Davenport Nebraska


Item collection 2156876 original

Victorian Lady Cabinet Card Photo Full View Gate Prop Potted Flower


Item collection 2156713 original

Vintage Photo Wheel Barrow Race Racing Black and White Photograph 1940s


Item collection 2156665 original

Vintage Photo Tug of War Photograph 1940s Water Play B and W Snapshot


Item collection 2156622 original

Vintage Photo Anderson Memorial Library Emporia Kansas Photograph


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