Item collection 2970933 original

Vintage 1940s Valentine Card Duck Artist Paintbrush Cap


Item collection 2970905 original

Vintage Valentine Card Puppy Kitten Hearts Wicker Basket1950s


Item collection 2971021 original

New Baby Card UNUSED Vintage 1950s Congratulations Baby Greeting Bunny


Item collection 2971174 original

Vintage Greeting Card Missing You 1950s Girl Daisy Unused


Item collection 2971104 original

Kittens Button Eye 2 Vintage Childrens Birthday Greeting Cards


Item collection 2971106 original

Antique Christmas Card 1900s Greeting Snow Sled Scene Poinsettias


Item collection 3121984 original

Vintage Baby Shower Gift Card Bunny Bib Clothesline Pink Blue 1950s


Item collection 2971102 original

Vintage Graduation Card 1950s Congratulations Graduate Greeting Card


Item collection 2971074 original

Vintage Christmas Card UNUSED 1970s Hallmark Greeting Card Embossed


Item collection 2972706 original

Vintage Valentine Card 1940s Mechanical Girl on Bicycle


Item collection 2971229 original

Vintage Valentine Card Bald Boy Blowing Horn 1950s Greeting


Item collection 2971199 original

Vintage 1940s Valentine Cards Girls Jump Rope Suitcase Bouquet Lot of 3


Item collection 2971062 original

Valentine Card Vintage 1930s Greeting Boy Girl Bouquet Hat Dress


Item collection 3040035 original

Meyercord Fruit Basket Decals Apples Peaches Vintage 1950s


Item collection 3062508 original

Simplicity Skirt Pattern 2666 Womens Vintage 1950s Waist 24 Hip 33


Item collection 3062483 original

Teen Dress Sewing Pattern 9705 1960s McCalls Sz 8


Item collection 3058430 original

Vintage 1950s Simplicity Ladies Skirt Pattern 4491 Hip 33


Item collection 3053831 original

1940s Mail Order Ladies Full Kitchen Apron Pattern 8988 38 Bust


Item collection 3053825 original

Vintage Girls Dress 1970s Sewing Pattern 5321 McCalls Sz 4


Item collection 2971140 original

Vintage Simplicity Pattern 4599 Boys Girls 1940s Overalls Jacket Size 2


Item collection 2971194 original

Ladies Blouse Jacket Skirt Simplicity Pattern 4400 Vintage 1960s


Item collection 3053490 original

Vintage 1950s Mail Order Ladies Collared Dress Sewing Pattern 8910/16


Item collection 3053492 original

Vintage Apron Sewing Pattern1960s McCalls Ladies Kitchen


Item collection 3041794 original

The Sugar Creek Gang Goes Camping by Paul Hutchens 1941 Childrens Book


Item collection 3041788 original

Sugar Creek Gang We Killed a Bear by Paul Hutchens


Item collection 3041408 original

Not Even Mrs. Mazursky by Jane Sutton Vintage 1984 Childrens Book


Item collection 3041404 original

Pinocchio Book Walt Disney Whitman Tell a Tale 1961


Item collection 3041325 original

51 Sycamore Lane Childrens Book by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat Spy in the Neighborhood


Item collection 3041137 original

1960s Butterick Girls Low Waisted Jumper Sewing Pattern 5442


Item collection 3041135 original

1940s Gored Skirt Vintage Advance Sewing Pattern 5162 Pockets Hip 39


Item collection 3041131 original

Vintage 1960s Simplicity Dress Sewing Pattern 7856 Sz 8 Bust 31.5


Item collection 3041097 original

Meyercord Decal Fruit Cherries Pears Grapes Vintage 1950s


Item collection 3041089 original

Meyercord Decals Swans Blue Pink Vintage 1950s 932-C


Item collection 3041087 original

Girls Dress, Pants Sewing Pattern 1970s Simplicity 8991


Item collection 3041078 original

Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern Simplicity Toddler 5049 Sz 1


Item collection 3040039 original

Folk Art Boy Vintage Meyercord Decal Small Sheet 1950s


Item collection 2971180 original

Vtg 1950s Mail Order Dress Pattern 8212 Sz 14/Bust 34 Kate Marchbanks


Item collection 3039203 original

Vintage Girls Dress Sewing Pattern 2058 1960s McCalls Sz 5


Item collection 2971220 original

Vintage McCall Pattern 8242 1950s Ladies Dress Sewing Size 13 Bust 31


Item collection 2716622 original

Kids Valentine Card Vintage 1940s Greeting Boy in Dog House Puppy


Item collection 2962865 original

Antique Photo Young Couple in Horse Drawn Buggy Fairbury Nebraska Smith Limekiln


Item collection 2962847 original

Vintage Real Photo Postcard Young Couple Man in Uniform


Item collection 2168029 original

Vintage Christmas Gift Tags 1960s Lot 14 Santa Puppy Bells Candle Poinsettia


Item collection 2157041 original

Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper Snowmen Kids 1960s Gift Wrap


Item collection 2157317 original

Santa Claus Christmas Wrapping Paper Red Vintage 1960s Gift Wrap


Item collection 2831815 original

Humorous Comic Postcard 1940s Same Old Moon Husband Wife


Item collection dc2ce7d8 cbf9 45d9 9b38 7398900f58b6

Humorous Comic Postcard 1910s Nude Little Girl Mother Says


Item collection 2665870 original

Vintage Bamforth Humorous Comic Postcard Man Washing Clothes 1900s


Item collection 57bd6511 afaa 47f7 a705 819d88799980

Antique Christmas Postcard Embossed 1910s Seasons Greetings House Holly Gold Bells, Mildred Jorn, Verdon Nebraska, Greencastle Missouri PM


Item collection 120e15ff 5605 48f7 9927 0230f5522d79

Antique Christmas Postcard Embossed 1910s Greeting Gold Picture Frame Red Ribbon Pinecones Evergreen Branches John Schroeder, Verdon NE


Item collection d5ecb721 c3fe 470d 8738 48e265cf7a3a

Vintage Valentine Postcard Dutch Boy Windmills 1910s Greeting


Item collection 2516518 original

Vintage Postcards Red Pink Roses 1910s Greetings Lot of 3


Item collection 2b55eed2 3543 4ec5 b637 5b332f9f54bf

Antique Postcard 1940s Italian New Year Greeting Kids Train


Item collection 2157830 original

Hanover Kansas Newspaper Democrat Enterprise July 1904 History Vintage


Item collection 824bfdeb 3886 4d62 a171 a7fc8707ee30

Antique Postcard 1920s New Year Greeting Kittens Cats Top Hat Gloves Hanging Lamp, Mildred Jorn, Verdon Nebraska, Norcatur Kansas


Item collection 69c25536 b55c 4689 89f8 501e20b2bb20

Antique Happy New Year Postcard Angels Cherubs Floral Horseshoe Sun 1900s Embossed Germany Series 506, Mildred Jorn, Verdon Nebraska


Item collection b7f3a90b c8dd 4994 9fa7 11f3ae94f449

Vintage Easter Postcard Squeeker Hens Eggs Chicks Vintage 1900s Greetings


Item collection 7076313a a804 498e 9580 3fa51a1cb133

Vintage Tuck Valentine Postcard, 1900s Dutch Girl, Artist Signed CURTIS, Chalkboard, Blackboard


Item collection 44fd71f9 25e8 425e a91a d2d4669c3b9d

Vintage Valentine Postcard Angel Cherub Pulling Wagon 1910s Greetings


Item collection d0e663db 20a5 4892 a917 230340c701f1

Antique Easter Greetings Postcard 1910s Chicken Chicks Red Rain Barrel


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