Item collection 329e4a00 c6cb 4466 b2fc 25177d16b6d7

Antique CDV Photo Identified as Selma C Nasman Adorable Little Girl with Blonde Hair


Item collection f4716855 4b21 4b2d 89d2 aa00ada58f44

Antique CDV Photo Identified as Anders Ersson of Bollnas, Sweden 1857, C.H. Berg Photographer


Item collection 0a047dd6 3b24 4496 b650 05d407000d67

Vintage 1909 Calendar Postcard Rotary Photographic Series 12 Months 1908 Hanover Kansas Postmark Mailed to Emily Vlach at Atchison Kansas


Item collection 972a4e03 f71d 45a6 b9ce 88b2995d8175

Vintage Karo Syrup Print Ad, Bare Bottom Baby in Rubber Boots, 1940s Home Decor


Item collection 6a1e8a4d b34e 4f72 963e b1ba04a8ec5a

1940s Ivory Soap Ad, Vintage Health and Beauty Advertising, Magazine Print Ad, Bride and Baby


Item collection a197d9c0 bc89 490a 8256 bb1bda6be029

1950s Tareyton Cigarette Ad, Vintage Tobacciana Advertising, Magazine Print Ad, Woman in Blue Suit and Hat


Item collection eaf94fb5 2851 4e2b 9794 2cce06ff4af6

Vintage Valentines Day Postcard I Love U Embossed 1910s Greetings Blue Flowers Gold Hearts 1911 Helvey Nebraska Postmark Helena Milius


Item collection c96bfb99 bb27 40fa 8272 c2c9d6bae75e

Old Christmas Postcard Best Wishes Happy New Year Snowy Cabin Correspondence Embossed Samson Brothers 32 A John Schroeder, Verdon Nebraska


Item collection 39866768 21f7 44f5 bc09 bc7b6c6fe53f

Dutch Windmill Antique Postcard, Vintage 1910s Greeting Little Girl, Number 6504, Old Correspondence


Item collection a456ea14 03d5 4e41 b681 4c4fec06bae6

Victorian Silk Fringe Border, Double Sided New Year Card, Antique Holiday Greeting, With Glitter, Shakespeare, Wirths Brothers, Card No. 210


Item collection 0ae8da0f f788 48f6 886a f5f4ed122348

Tobacco and Americans, Vintage 1960 Hardcover History Book, Robert K. Heimann, Tobacciana


Item collection 8378a38c 00e0 44d4 a33d a563b0c94dd9

Automotive Diagnosis and Tune-Up by Guy F. Wetzel, 1965 Hardcover Educational Instruction Manual


Item collection 4d4557ab a7aa 4310 bad4 a8c42d36bfdf

Vintage EAS Baby Die Cut Scraps, Toddlers, Bassinet, Stroller, Tub, Embossed Relief Paper Ephemera Collectible


Item collection 870a3d1f 5ad9 45ff a42e 132ec83f87ea

Vintage PZB Devil Die Cut Scrap, Krampus, Demon, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Embossed, Halloween Paper Ephemera Collectible


Item collection 9f7d7f80 0f0b 464e a433 ceef5b788cd2

Vintage Christmas Card Box 1950s Holiday Decor Newberry Company Great Graphics Sled, Tree, Church, Stars, Storage


Item collection 37e3b95b e3d3 40a3 ade2 e6de91082367

Southern Living 1984 Annual Recipes, Vintage Hardcover Cook Book, Cooking Reference


Item collection 916f0244 55b6 4535 b2d9 e97728cac8f1

Country Living Recipes 1980, Vintage Hardcover Cook Book, Progressive Farmer, Jean Wickstrom Liles


Item collection 087213dc 299f 4bb2 a5ac 3f9f86dbbeba

Vintage Ideals Magazine Lot 1986, 1994 Christmas, Valentine Sweetheart, Thanksgiving, Fall Decorating and Poems


Item collection 3041312 original

Bambi Walt Disney Vintage Little Golden Book D90 Kids Children's


Item collection 2312812 original

Victorian Calling Cards Floral Antique 1890s Scrapbooking Collage Lot of 7, Jorn, Tyre, Reynolds, Giese, Kuker


Item collection 9c943c08 901d 44ca 8763 20c62e586f5b

Vintage 1956 Ford Almanac Farm Ranch Home Book


Item collection 153e32e8 3980 42b6 bee4 4c637500efbd

R W Mercer Book Work on English Coins 1066-1713, Vintage Coin Guide, Antique Money Book, Numismatics


Item collection 5012e1d1 4f25 47b5 a1bb cb349eefd74d

Vintage 1950s Christmas Caroler Matchbook Cover, B G Good Food, Chicago Illinois


Item collection 2971117 original

Vintage Valentine Card 1950s Girl Graduate Graduation


Item collection 2970904 original

Vintage Valentine Card Girl in Tub Large Fish 1930s Valentines Day Greeting


Item collection 2970814 original

Vintage Valentines Day Greeting Card Embossed Die Cut Boy 1900s


Item collection 2970755 original

Vintage Valentine Card Anthropomorphic Apples in Love 1950s Greeting


Item collection 2970825 original

Vintage 1930s Valentine Greeting Card Swinging Door Boy Girl Germany


Item collection 3041093 original

Meyercord Decal Strawberry Strawberries Vintage 1950s


Item collection 65119394 5dad 4d47 8517 d8d58875ce12

Vintage Nyal Cook Book 1910s Drug Store Janet McKenzie Hill Practical Recipes that Have Been Tested in Actual Use


Item collection 657761a3 0fd2 4f6e 823f a18327ec7a18

Vintage Postcard 1910s UNUSED Happy Birthday Patriotic Flag


Item collection 2801831 original

Digital Scan Antique Victorian Birthday Postcard Lacy Fan Lily of the Valley


Item collection 2807507 original

Digital Scan Penquin Antique Book Page Engraving Printable Image


Item collection 2809327 original

Vintage Graduation Program Gaylord Kansas 1953 Commencement


Item collection 73bed90a c5f4 4992 9bc5 590d55403c74

Vintage Childrens Book, The Fixit Man, 1950s Wonder Book 756, Irma Wilde, Old Kids Hardcover


Item collection 2157277 original

Vintage 1950 2 pg AD Advertising General Motors Car Automobile


Item collection 60b0d0fb 5375 4e70 9743 8636932fe44e

Vintage Champion Spark Plugs Magazine Print Ad, 1950 Auto Parts Advertising, Man Cave Decor


Item collection 2805937 original

Digital Scan Sea Anemones Antique Book Page Engraving Printable


Item collection 2805999 original

Digital Scan Gorilla Antique Book Page Engraving Printable


Item collection 2805985 original

Digital Scan Tiger Antique Book Page Engraving Printable


Item collection 2807471 original

Digital Scan Gecko Lizard Antique Book Page Engraving Printable Image


Item collection 2379429 original

Vintage Postcard Rose Motel Hwy 75 Ennis Texas Town View 1940s Roadside Travel Post Card


Item collection 2156652 original

Shower Wrapping Paper Tea Coffee Pots Vintage 1960s Gift Wrap


Item collection 2156775 original

Wedding Wrapping Paper Embossed Silver Bells Vintage 1960s Gift Wrap


Item collection 3041313 original

The Golden Egg Book 304-11 Vintage 1970s Little Golden Book Kids


Item collection 2157586 original

Vintage Sheet Music Oh Frenchy 1910s WWI E.E. Walton Cover Art


Item collection 2407156 original

Vintage 1940 New Ritual Of The Order Of The Eastern Star Book Masonic


Item collection 2157603 original

Minnesota Motor Vehicle 1921 Law Regulations Driving Book Vintage


Item collection 2157356 original

Rime of the Ancient Mariner Antique 1889 Book Altemus Edition


Item collection 2157243 original

5 Years of Square Dancing Sets in Order 1954 Book Bob Osgood


Item collection 2156639 original

Beatrice Nebraska Postcard Vintage 1910s Library School


Item collection 2830374 original

Antique Postcard 1910s New Year Greeting Pretty Girl in Blue


Item collection 2652246 original

Antique Easter Greetings Postcard Kitten Cat Chick Easter Egg


Item collection 3365357 original

Book Science Fiction Adventures from Way Out Whitman Hardcover Vintage 1970s


Item collection 2156667 original

Antique Photo Man Holding Reading Newspaper Parlor Chair Lamp 1900s


Item collection 2156926 original

Vintage Wrapping Paper Pink Red Floral 1960s Gift Wrap


Item collection f022b1f1 1680 4c5e 8444 96420f8162dd

Christmas Wrapping Paper Musical Trees Red Vintage 1960s Gift Wrap


Item collection 2372028 original

1910s Antique Vintage Postcard St. Josephs Hospital Concordia Kansas


Item collection 2156758 original

Vintage Postcard Fabulous Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas Nevada Pool Side


Item collection 2156557 original

Branson Missouri Postcard Anchor Travel Village Vintage 1940s RPPC


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